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A challenging position as Senior Developer by employing my technology skills, my strong analytical and problem solving skills



SQL Server 2014/2012/2008/2005/2000/7.0/6.5, SQL Server 2005 Mobile, Oracle 10g, Access, MySQL

Computer languages and technologies

Development Software


Visual Studio, Eclipse, Xamarin, DevExpress, Telerik, MyMobiler, Team Foundation Server, XMLSpy, Advanced Installer, WebSphere, Dreamweaver, Visual Age, Fireworks, Jbuilder, Flash, Delphi, Erwin, eChangeMan, Astra LoadTest, ClearCase, PVCS, Visual Source Safe, Infragistics, TortoiseSVN, VMWare, NUnit, Visio, Toad, DBArtisan, Microsoft Project, Sharepoint

Enterprise Service Bus

BizTalk 2010 ESB Toolkit, Neuron ESB, NServiceBus ESB


Operating systems

Windows Mobile 6.1, Android, iOS, Windows XP/Vista/7/8, UNIX, Linux


SQL Server 2014/2012/2008/2005/2000/7.0/6.5, Oracle 10g, Window 2012/2008/2003/2000/NT server, Internet Information Server, Apache

Development methods

Agile, Scrum, Extreme Programming, Test Driven Development, Model-view-controller (MVC), MVVM and other design patterns, object-oriented design and programming, system development life cycle (SDLC) methodology, Security Programming, etc.


Found 13 year-old Millisecond Issue in Microsoft SQL Server

I found the millisecond issue in Microsoft SQL Server and presented this to Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer and SQL Server Group at Microsoft via mail. Based on my finding, Microsoft developed DateTime2 data type in SQL Server 2008 R2 and later versions to resolve the issue.

Huge Performance Improvement in data processing for credit card sales Crystal Reports

I modified the SQL stored procedures to have huge performance improvement in data processing for credit card sales Crystal Reports from 14 hours‘ processing time to 10 minutes‘ processing time.


Senior Developer Chicago, IL 06/16 - 08/17
JP Morgan Chase

In internal Hackathon contest, architected and developed C# console application using C# multi-tasking, multithreading and dependency injection pattern with Autofac container to convert SSIS jobs to one centralized batch processing program. Working on the lockbox system with ASP.Net Web Forms, MVC4, web services, Test-driven development, SSIS, Crystal Reports, Visual studio 2015/2013/2010 (.net 4.5 and 4), NUnit tests, SQL Server 2014/2012/2008 (stored procedures, views, tables), Team Foundation Server version control, GIT and Tortoise SVN version control, Bitbucket, FitNesse. Java 7/8 Kepler/Mars, Drools 6.5, TestNG tests, JSON/XML, Jenkins, RemoteDesktopConnectionManager, SecureZip, TeamCity, JIRA, Confluence, Opex system, eFlow, OnBase, Sharepoint, HP Application Lifecycle Management, ESB, Test-Driven Programming, Cigital Security Programming. Using SCRUM Agile 2 week Sprint (SCRUM master, Sprint planning, Sprint review, retrospective. Kanban for production support. 5~8 people size team. Daily standup meeting ).

Senior Developer Chicago, IL 01/15 - 05/16 National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries

Senior Developer Chicago, IL 10/13 -11/14
Nuveen Investments, Inc

Worked on the State Street, IDC, Telekurs prices and FX prices loading, Bloomberg prices loading, BBH FX transactions loading, transactions and holding exporting for Proxy and Class Action to ISS, exporting of account, cash, transaction and holding data for various security types and various portfolios for Portia, Charles River, Open Staars and other financial systems; Developing the web applications and SSRS reports; Using C# .net 4.0 (Visual Studio 2010), MVC, JQuery, AJAX, LINQ, SQL Server 2008 (tables and stored procedures), Entity Framework, IBM TWS (Tivoli Workload Scheduler) (developing batches, jobs and job streams), Oracle databases, Team Foundation Server (TFS) for version control, Service Manager Console for change request and service request management, Sybase database, Citrix, FTP, SFTP, MoveIt, MQ Series, IIS.

Senior Developer Arlington Heights, IL 02/13 - 09/13
eGate Solutions Inc


Worked on Windows Mobile 6.1 development, WCF service (http, https, window form authentication, XML schema and validation), Asp.net development, Crystal reports for airline online catering and catering warehouse (back office) service using .net 4.0/3.5, C#, Business Object, SQL Server 2008 R2 (tables and stored procedures) and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Mobile Edition, JQuery, JQueryMobile, Xamarin, XML, AJAX, TFS, IIS, LINQ, XMLSpy, MyMobiler, Unity

Senior Developer Chicago, IL 05/12 - 11/12
Fund Solutions LLC (HFR Asset Management LLC)

In this hedge fund firm, worked on the risk exposure reports, liquidity reports, profit and loss reports based on different instrument types (bonds, currencies, options, SWAPs, ABS, etc), sub types, regions, sectors, etc for different hedge funds and funds of funds by collecting data(Bloomberg, IDC, Riskmetrics), processing data, generating reports and distributing the reports; also worked on compliance reports of FINRA Form PF(private fund), quarterly transactions, annual holding, outside business activity, political contribution, trade pre-clearance. Using .net 4.0, C#, ASP.Net, Silverlight, WPF, SQL Server 2008 reporting service(SSRS), integration service (SSIS), databases and stored procedures, DevExpress components (including Pivot Grid), LINQ, AJAX, JQuery, Excel, VBA, TortoiseSVN, VMWare.

Bank of America: Senior Developer Chicago, IL 12/11 - 03/12

Architected and developed on an application integration pilot project for large scale and diverse applications to select Enterprise Service Bus (BizTalk 2010 ESB Toolkit, Neuron ESB, NServiceBus ESB) (containers: autofac, castle, ninject, spring, structuremap, unity; services and libraries: NHibernate, LinFu, etc). Creating the auto provisioning /de-provisioning framework architecture and building proof of concept test cases. Creating ASP.NET access provisioning web pages. Used MSMQ, SQL Server 2008, Visual Studio 2010/2008, .net 4.0/3.5, ASP.Net MVC3, Windows Azure(cloud computing), WCF, web service, publish and subscribe model, server and client model, distributor and gateway model, team foundation server, multi-threading, unicast and multi-cast messaging, single sign-on, JQuery, LINQ, distributed transaction coordinator, AJAX, Telerik RadControls. Used Sharepoint for project management and document management.

ABN AMRO Clearing Chicago LLC: Assistant Vice President, Senior Developer Chicago, IL 07/08 - 09/11

In a large client-server Stockloan equity trading system, used C# (Visual Studio 2010/2008/2005/2003) win forms, WPF, WCF, remoting model, multi-threading, SQL server 2000/2005/2008 databases and reporting services, created win forms, backend codes, WCF services, SQL server stored procedures, functions and triggers, SSIS packages, created programs for SQL batch/FTP batch, DTS and SSIS data loading, MQ series for data messaging from and to multiple locations like Loanet, OCC, DTCC, ATIS. The system handles internal complicated stock loaning and borrowing market with a lot of business logics like seg and seg release, loan and loan return, pledge and pledge release, borrow and borrow return, dividend-based recall, intraday reconciliation, etc; The coding logic employs stock collateral and segregation management, bond collateral management, margin account balance and margin call management, profit and loss management in equity finance capital market. Created Group Counter-party Net Capital report, Seg Exception report and DTC Exception report; created WCF services for data processing; created socket programming codes for data loading; Created the code to convert XML files to flat files.

In compliance systems, architected and used C# (Visual Studio 2010/2008/2005), win forms and ASP.Net, Silverlight, SQL Server 2008/2005 databases, reporting services, JQuery, LINQ, AJAX, FIX and FIXML. Created complicated program to create blue sheet files and send them to SIAC and FINRA by FTP. Created web pages and web reports of Settled Short Stock, Uncovered Market Maker Stock, Uncovered Options Exception, Locate Exceptions, Personal Trading – Commodity, Personal Trading – Securities, Order History Record Count, Day Trader Exception, Wash Sales, Profit and Loss reports.

Using VBA created multiple functions’ Excel documents for trading.

Created statistics reports of daily equities, futures and options trading summaries. Created other programs to summarize the daily trading data and margin balance reports for risk management and reporting purposes.

Managed to solve the problems for trading issues from half an hour to a couple of hours under high pressures and tight schedules. Used Sharepoint and SourceSafe for code and document management.

JP Morgan Chase: Senior Developer Chicago, IL 05/07 - 06/08

Worked on a large web based, multi-layered application development, used C#, ASP.Net, Aca batching processing, version control ClearCase; created multi-layer code, encryption and de-encryption code, stored procedures and functions for financial commercial credit payment system.

Maritz Research: Senior Developer Oakbrook Terrace, IL 01/07 - 05/07

Set up SQL Server 2005 reporting server and configured the client access; developed web pages, WCF and web services, SQL stored procedures, functions and triggers, SQL Server reports and console applications using C#, ASP.Net, AJAX; developed story cards, time estimate and scheduling as test-driven approach for project development; Used Visual Studio 2005/2003, SQL Server 2005/2000. Used Sharepoint and SourceSafe for code and document management.

Sara Lee: Senior Developer Downers Grove, IL 11/06 - 01/07

Created web pages and web services using ASP.Net, C#, JavaScript and Infragistics components, created session class object to persist user and properties among pages, wrote the code in global.asax to handle intranet window user authentication validation, created reports using SQL Server 2005 Report Service, web pages to render reports and the code for data validation. Did system testing. Used NUnit test driven development tools, CruiseControl.Net, MSBuild. Used Sharepoint and SourceSafe for code and document management.

Applus Technologies, Inc: Senior Developer Chicago, IL 03/06 - 11/06

Created SQL Server 2005 integration service (SSIS) projects, stored procedures, functions and triggers for data import and processing. Created web reports for SQL Server Reporting Service and Windows 2003 server IIS. Used C#, Oracle 10g to develop win form based transaction system. Used PL/SQL to create 52 functions and 15 stored procedures. Used Toad, DBArtisan to create Oracle database schemas. Created and set up the databases, tables, indexes, tablespaces, users, security rights and stored procedures in Oracle 10g. Used Ajax, XML, C# ASP.Net to create WCF, web services and web site. Used WSE 3.0 MTOM technology to create web service to upload files to web server. Created cab component to zip and unzip the files for the application. Used directX technology to create video-playing application.

Lion Computer Inc: Development Lead Downers Grove, IL 07/01 - 02/06

Using C#, ASP.Net, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, designed and developed the B2C and B2B web sites, overall architecture, database table structures, SQL stored procedures, functions and triggers, DTS packages based on SQL Server 2000 and IIS. Created customer web sites using PHP and MySQL database with database design and development of tables, SQL scripts and web pages.

Accenture: Senior Developer and Team Lead Chicago, IL 06/00 - 07/01

As the team lead for a manufacturing client, designed, built, tested and delivered the pilot enterprise application integration (EAI) project which integrated customer online purchasing from Ariba web site to the client parts store and dealer business system. Used Crossworlds technology which includes collaboration, connectors (JDBC, XML, Jtext, MQSeries), business objects, maps, and relationships, IBM MQSeries and Inprise VisiBroker. Developed collaboration templates and collaborations using Java, configured connectors and developed business objects, maps and relationships for Windows NT environment and Sun Solaris UNIX environment architecture configuration. Developed Oralce PL/SQL stored procedures and used Toad tool. Developed eChangeMan version control procedure for code migration. Developed servlets and Java Server Pages for Crossworlds Server Access Framework using IBM Visual Age and WebSphere. Assisted to use Astra LoadTest to test the programs and the process.

As the team lead for a pharmaceutical client, provided database support for SQL server for the licensing department. Created DTS packages to import and export flat file. Created web site using Dreamweaver, Homesite and Fireworks. Created marketing flash movie. Trained the client users how to use MS FrontPage to create static web pages. Designed the web site prototype for Material Safety Data Sheets.

As a web developer for a dairy products exchange portal, developed the web site demo program in Java and JavaScript and proposals for B2B exchange web site and group scheduling for team members.

Took the training of eCommerce project management by Accenture and the training of Crossworlds enterprise application integration by Crossworlds.

WidePoint Corporation: Software Developer Oakbrook Terrace, IL 03/98 - 06/00

For two B2C eCommerce web sites, created SQL stored procedures, functions and triggers, complicated DTS packages with VBScript and bcp batches to import flat files, dBase IV files and excel POS data files from 12 retailers; normalized the data from staging servers to production servers in SQL server 6.5/7.0.

For a healthcare client, created stored procedures, DTS packages in MS SQL server 7.0 and Delphi programs to handle data conversion and data searching as well updating data re-pricing.

Create intranet web pages and stored procedures using Java, JavaScript, Jbuilder and SQL Server 7.0.

For an executive search client, created window form client interfaces, backend codes and SQL stored procedures for a large client/server application using Delphi and SQL Server 6.5.

Cimnet Systems, Inc: Software Engineer Oakbrook, IL 01/97 - 03/98

Developed 55 modules out of 400 modules (each module is an exe file) in Delphi based on large databases of Btrieve and Oracle in Novell and Window 95 environment. This is a commercial software.

Visual Properties, LLC: Program Developer for Internship Chicago, IL 09/96 - 12/96

Used Visual Basic to create apartment rental application in Window NT and MS SQL Server 6.5 platforms, and maintained FoxPro and MS Access programs for the application database.

House of Hilton Bridal Shoppe: Computer Consultant for Internship Toledo, OH 01/95 - 06/95

Performed database management, inventory control and accounting management using Rbase, SQL, Bridal profit System, Quickbooks and Quicken.

China Offshore Industrial Corp: Project Engineer and Project Manager Beijing, China 07/88 - 08/93

Performed database management, inventory control and accounting management using Rbase, SQL, Bridal profit System, Quickbooks and Quicken.


09/94-07/96 University of Toledo, Toledo, OH

Manufacturing Management, Master Degree program (continued studies)

09/93-07/94 University of Toledo, Toledo, OH

Statistics, Master Degree program (continued studies)

09/90-07/93 Huazhong University of Science and Technology, the joint program with University of Toronto, Canada, Hubei, China

Industrial Management, Master of Engineering

09/84-07/88 Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Hubei, China

Internal Combustion Engine, Bachelor of Engineering


6/06 Attended the 4 days VSLive! (Visual Studio Developer Conference) workshops about Windows Communication Foundation ( WCF ), ASP.NET, Advanced C#, Windows Forms, SQL Server 2005, Sharepoint, Visual Studio Team Edition, Windows Presentation Foundation(WPF) in Las Vegas


Published several technical articles about SQL Server 2005, SSIS and C# in www.codeproject.com. The links are


Hongwei Li

Welcome to Know About Hongwei Li!

C# (Visual Studio 2015/2013/2010/2008/2005/2003 .net 4.5/4.0/3.5/3.0/2.0/1.1, Multi-threading, socket programming, Windows Communication Foundation(WCF), Windows Presentation Foundation(WPF), ASP.Net, MVC/Web API, Silverlight, XAML, LINQ, ASP, Ajax, Web service, Win Form, C++, VBA, Excel, VBScript, VB.Net, Visual Basic, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), SOAP, SQL stored procedure/function/trigger, PL/SQL, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS), DTS,), Java, JavaScript, JQuery, jQueryMobile, Bootstrap, AngularJS, J2EE, JSON, Java Swing, HTML4/5, CSS/ CSS3, FIX, FIXML, XML, flash, Delphi, Active Directory, data encryption, PHP, FORTRAN, SAS, MiniTab, SPSS, MQ Series, MSMQ, FitNesse, Drools 6.5, TestNG, Jenkins, TeamCity, JIRA, Confluence, Opex system, eFlow, OnBase, HP Application Lifecycle Management


Hongwei Li

Welcome to Know About Hongwei Li!

Architected and worked on the real estate indices and reports with ASP.Net Web Forms, Web Service/WCF, MVC/Web API, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Win Forms, Microsoft Form Authentication, SSRS, SSIS, LINQ, SQL Server 2014 (tables, stored procedures, table type input parameters for stored procedures, etc), Visual Studio 2013/2010 ( C# .net 4.0 and 4.5), DevExpress components (SpreadsheetControl, Charts, GridControl, RibbonControl, ASPxUploadControl, ASPxGridView, ASPxGridLookup, ASPxComboBox, ASPxPopupControl, ASPxMenu, etc), Entity Framework, JQuery, HTML5, AJAX, JavaScript, JSON, Advanced Installer, IIS Server 8, Team Foundation Server (TFS) for version control, Window Server 2012. Configured and deployed production web sites. Created installation package with Advanced Installer.


Hongwei Li